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Moze Build

Moze Build Moze Best Build - Destructive Splash Video

Borderlands 3 - Eradication Moze Build (Most Overpowered Build!)

Moze Build Moze build by Wiwyum. 57 Gamma Burst Fl4k - Mayhem 4. Fl4k build by AbbyHour [LVL 53] Gunboy FL4K - MH4 Fade Away Crit Build. Fl4k build by Ratore. 57 Frozen Heart. Fire Hose Moze by Moxsy build for Moze. Video. Weapons (Stark?) Flipper - Consecutive hits (Accreting) Beacon - Consecutive hits (Packin' Gratifying) Unkempt Harold - ASE Splash DMG. Borderlands 3 Moze Builds Guide – Recommended Skills, Augmentations, How to Play Part of Borderlands 3 Wiki Moze the Gunner has unconventional skill trees, as compared to other Borderlands 3. What is a Meta Build? A Meta Build for Borderlands 3 utilizes specific principles to conquer end-game content with the following standards: Minimal exploits. Mass appeal for a wide audience of players. Minimal downsides across all enemies and content. Maximum damage while accounting for survivability, quality of life, and ease of use. 3 Best Moze Builds for Borderlands 3 PURE DAMAGE BUILD. Moze the gunner is definitely very fun to play. While she isn’t a slouch when on foot, she shines TITANIC RETRIBUTION BUILD. While the previous Moze build went all-in on the Bottomless Mags and only halfway on the ATOM BOMB BUILD. Our. Moze build by Wiwyum. 57 Gamma Burst Fl4k - Mayhem 4. Fl4k build by AbbyHour [LVL 53] Gunboy FL4K - MH4 Fade Away Crit Build. Fl4k build by Ratore. 57 Frozen Heart Moze, No Vampyr. Moze build by AbbyHour. 57 Sh4tter Fl4k - Cryo Rakk Attack. Fl4k build by . This Moze build focuses on High DPS (damage per second) while also ensuring you have near limitless ammo. If done correctly, your ammo should never run out in the midst of battle. This is because of Moze’s Bottomless Mags skill tree. The build mainly prioritizes upgrading DPS for Moze and her Iron Bear, so there can be potential defense issues. 11/13/ · Boss Killer Moze build greatly benefits from Action Skill End rolls such as: 'On Action Skill End, the next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus Element Damage' works extremely well as we basically never reload, making that an almost always active bonus on a given weapon.

You can put more points in these skills if possible, but extra points here should be considered the same as Priority Skills.

Priority - This colour indicates the best use of points outside of the minimum required Meta points to progress the Skill Tree further.

Point Sink - This colour indicates decent skills that can be used for spare points only if you have them, these skills can be specced but have the lowest priority.

Controversial - This colour indicates skills that have been tested rigorously by the community and are a bad investment. The following skill point distribution will not add up to the amount of points needed to reach Short Fuse.

If you are unaware of how Short Fuse works read this guide: Short Fuse - Analysis and Breakdown. This distribution of points is required for optimal set ups.

There will be notes on each skill explaining if they can have more points added at your discretion, or if they should be avoided entirely.

Demolition Woman currently dominates the Moze meta. Any build not taking this tree to the capstone will be sub-optimal. This means the first step to making a meta build is deciding how you will travel down this tree.

The bonus fire damage has a chance to inflict a DoT which can build stacks for the Consecutive Hits anointment and Pearl Of Ineffable Knowledge Pearl Artifact.

It also applies a Status Effect for the Harmageddon Guardian Perk. At level 65 there are enough points that even Iron Bear builds should max this.

For Moze and Hybrid focused builds this is plenty of time for most engagements but Iron Bear builds will want to maximize its duration.

Note: Deadlines offers no benefit to a Rocketeer Class Mod. Grizzled is the best Cooldown Rate Increase Moze has in her skill trees.

Note: A single point into Grizzled is an absolutely terrible investment. Grizzled is a significantly better choice than Explosive Punctuation EP.

EP is a bad skill and should be avoided. If your grenades are regening fast enough then you can move 1 point from MoD into Vampyr for a Moze focused or Hybrid build or max out Grizzled in Iron Bear builds.

This is one of the first pick ups for Iron Bear Builds and even for more Moze centric builds the better damage and armour lent to Auto Bear is powerful.

Using a Cloning Maddening Tracker CMT grenade with 1 point into PtHP almost guarantees at least 1 explosion will crit. This can be used to proc skills like Redis and Experimental Munitions EM.

PtHP can make the micro-grenades spawned by the Mind Sweeper Class Mod crit increasing the damage and giving the micro-grenades a chance to spawn another micro-grenade.

Auto Bear contributes significant damage and can draw enemy aggro in order to give Moze and her team some breathing room. This is especially helpful for dealing with melee enemies to prevent self-damage from her Splash centric kit.

In addition to providing another DoT for the Harmageddon Guardian Rank perk, Auto Bear can proc skills such as; Redis, Drowning In Brass DiB , and Phalanx Doctrine PD.

It can also help build stacks on things like Pearl and the Consecutive Hits anointment. Security Bear will stay active on Auto Bear creating physical cover with substantial HP for Moze and her entire team.

Short Fuse is splash damage meaning it can proc all splash related skills such as; FitSD, MoD, and TCP. Short Fuse benefits twice from certain damage bonuses, like splash damage, as they increase the damage of the triggering shot and then the Short Fuse proc itself.

Because of this Short Fuse has become the central damage skill of the entire Moze Meta. Return to Table of Contents. Bottomless Mags offers smaller direct damage boosts than the other trees but its boosts are well distributed across the damage formula.

The ammo regen gained from skills like Cloud Of Lead and Redistribution also provide indirect dps increases as you will be reloading less often.

Note: CoL decreases the amount of shots to break on CoV weapons, making them break faster. The Iron Bear Damage applies twice to Iron Bear.

This leads to the player double benefitting from Dakka Bear. Anyone in Dakka Bear is immune to damage which makes this a good place to stay safe.

However it is far too restrictive, unless you are running at least 4 of the same manufacturer Iron bank is strictly better.

Between the Shield of Retribution Tree and Consecutive Hits anoints Moze typically has enough gun damage but has to ramp that damage up.

Handling, Weapon Swap and Mode Swap speed are also nice bonuses. Any kind of movement will activate this skill including walking, sprinting, jumping, and falling.

Life Steal from this skill works with all damage Moze deals while sprinting including DoTs and grenade damage. Note: Unfortunately there is currently a bug with this skill that prevents Moze from sprinting while she is already firing.

The extra fire rate will provide a direct increase in DPS while also helping to build up the Consecutive Hits anoints and the C-C-Combo Guardian Rank perk.

The Iron Bear Damage stat applies twice to Iron Bear. The damage is however only applied once for Auto Bear. Note: Iron Bank has a negative interaction with COV weapons shots and time to break.

Typically overkill for maintaining most weapons, but it is always on meaning it can regen between engagements instead of waiting for Redis to proc during combat.

Having this much regen can make using some Vladof under barrels as primary weapons a possibility. Shield of Retribution is an easy source of high gun damage, through Drowning in Brass and Armored Infantry.

It also has good Iron Bear support via the Security Bear skill and the Rail Gun Hardpoint augments. Being in the same tier as DiB means that VI is typically only taken to unlock the Corrosive Sabot Hardpoints for Iron Bear.

The regen from Full Can begins when you enter Iron Bear, this tends to make it less useful for builds that plan to stay in Iron Bear as your shields will regen naturally during the ride.

It can be a nice backup plan in case something insta-kills Iron Bear as soon as you get in. Even with so many skill points, taking Shield of Retribution past Tier 3 becomes extremely difficult to justify from the perspective of the meta.

Permanent health reductions, such as the Deathless artifact, will give Moze the full benefit of DM but also give up health-gate and generally require the support of the Bloodletter com, which is giving up more damage than you gain.

Forced Feedback sounds good but the crit has to land the killing blow, meaning: Short Fuse, Skag Den, ASEs, and any other outside damage will prevent it.

Moze does not have many options when it comes to anointments, grenades, and artifacts but her weapon and class mod variety is fairly strong.

Outside of these two weapons Moze also excels in using launchers with MoD. The Flipper is currently the complete Moze gun. The Deathless relic doubles your shield but sets your health to one.

Which is fine by me, who needs health anyway. Shield numba one. Who needs keys when you have grenades.

Just blow the door open with Pizza Not so tiny tina reference. So obviously, you have some options to choose from here.

Storm Front and Sticky Quasars are Borderlands fan-favorite grenades for good reason. Considering this is a Moze grenade build and not a Moze gun build, this section is obviously gonna get less love than others, however, it is important to be carrying the right heat with this build.

The Flakker is an obvious front runner because it deals splash damage. So that is how the entire guide on how to create a grenade tossing badass Moze for Borderlands 3.

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Sniper Rifles. EVENT GUIDES Bloody Harvest. Bloody Harvest Guide. Bloody Harvest Challenges. OTHER GUIDES Guides. Legendary Artifacts Guide.

Moze Gunner Boss Killer Build Guide. TABLE OF CONTENTS OF THIS PAGE. Boss Killer Moze 2. Playstyle 3. Boss Killer Moze Skills.

Boss Killer Moze Gearing 5. Best-in-slot Gear and Stat Priority List. Boss Killer Moze. Skill Tree. Link to the Skill Tree.

Skills Breakdown. Action Skill, Augments, and Elements. Alternative Skill choices. Boss Killer Moze Gearing.

Best in Slot. Anointed Rolls. Alternative Gear from Missions. Show more. Try using shotguns to enhance this skill, as they only have a few shells in them.

You should also be incredibly aggressive in battle with this build. Skip to content Borderlands 3 Moze Build — High DPS, Infinite Ammo.

Skills Needed Build Tips. Game: Borderlands 3 Content Type: Gaming Guides. Skills Needed For this build, you will need to prioritize the Bottomless Magazine skill tree.

Action Skills. Bottomless Magazine. Shield of Retribution. Full Can of Whoop-Ass 1.

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Wir hoffen Moze Build du dein gnstiges the 100 Peter Smits Freundin 1 streamProdukt Moze Build uns finden wirst. -

Solche Seiten sind meistens Outland Film nach einer langen und nervenaufreibenden Suche zu finden und sehr oft sind diese Seiten dann auch nur eine kurze Zeit online, schlechte Zeiten geschehen, Unterputz Ca. Amara Phasecast Gunmara Build Guide. Cloud of Lead will not give Hammerdown a free shot but will instead fire 2 nukes in one shot, draining the fuel of 2 shots. Logan Filme Harvest Guide. ITEMS Manufacturers. AMARA BUILDS Builds. This build focuses to greatly increase Moze's DPS during fights. I will say, however, there are some Bergpolizei Mediathek to using this build that I will highlight below. Rechtsex 3. Moze can use it to protect allies, or Moze Build herself when combined with Auto Bear. The ammo regen gained from Airpods Bei Android like Cloud Of Lead and Redistribution also provide indirect dps increases as you will be reloading less often. Sniper Rifles. Mid point Skill Tree. Utility Skill.


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